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We’ll contribute to promoting the health of mankind with superior technology and love.

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Portable  Thermal Mattress


TP-80 is made in high quality

Tourmanium & Nano Diamond Tourmanium Stone providing FIR & Negative Ion.

TP-80 total of 324 Stones

Tourmanium Ceramics : 311

NDT : 13 

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Hexagonal Shape

Secret of hexagonal structure

Hexagonal shape generates ENERGY.

hex shape.png

Life exists on our earth and also in another space and the passage there between is called “Hiranya”.

In Sanskrit, the word “Hiranya” means gold light, which has hexagonal shape and is also called David star.

The hexagonal shape is also seen in the Israel flag.

Various Usage

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TP80 usage 6.jpg
TP80 usage 3.jpg
TP80 usage 7.jpg
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TP-80 Thermal Therapy Effects

- Removes toxins

- Eliminates the inflammation and pain of various etiologies

- Improves circulation and blood formation

- It increases blood oxygen saturation

- Normalizes the respiratory system

- It strengthens the walls of blood vessels and destroys the cholesterol

- Strengthens the immune system

- Accelerates cell renewal process

- Helps accelerate the healing of wounds and restore the skin problems

- Removes swelling

- Slows down the aging process

- Burns fat under the skin

- Improves sleep and helps get rid of insomnia

- Improves the stability of the nervous system

- Warms in cold weather

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