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We are NUGA BEST, a global company dedicated to creating a healthy world.

About Nuga



Commitment to assuring the highest quality using cutting-edge technology

Nuga Medical constantly conducts research in order to meet customer needs and keep pace with the latest trends
in the rapidly changing global medical device market.



The NUGA R&D Center (NRC), dedicated to researching and developing new products, acquired the Corporate R&D Institute Certificate from the Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA) in 2005. Ever since then, NRC has been playing a pivotal role in leading the technical development of NUGA BEST and laying the groundwork for NUGA BEST to emerge as world-class company.


NICMIC NUGA IT Convergence Medical Instrument Research Center

Held the Nuga Medical Philippines Conference


NOMIC NUGA Oriental Medical Instrument Research Center

The NUGA Oriental Medical Instrument Research Center (NOMIC) conducts research on medical devices from the perspective of oriental medicine in collaboration with the Oriental Medical Industry Development Center of Sangji University. Established as a corporate research center in 2008, the NUGA Oriental Medical Instrument Research Center is fast emerging as leader in the R&D efforts to develop medical devices incorporating the elements of Eastern and Western medicine, based on the results of the clinical trials at oriental hospitals.


International Joint Research Center with Fraunhofer in Germany

Fraunhofer, established in 1949, is one of the top four technical research centers in Germany, and a world-class applied science research institute. NUGA BEST concluded an international joint research agreement with Fraunhofer in 2011, and has since been endeavoring to create a high-tech global medical device R&D hub.


Nuga Medical NDT Research Center

The NDT Research Center conducts R&D and produce Tourmanium and nano-diamond Tourmanium (NDT), which are patented materials of NUGA BEST that were developed in collaboration with Fraunhofer, one of the world’s leading research institute on high-tech ceramic materials in Germany. NDT ceramic, the key element of NUGA BEST products, boosts the thermal effect of the products through anion electrification and far-infrared (FIR) emission.

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