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Corporate Identity




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NUGA BEST’s corporate identity (CI) conveys the mission to pursue vivacity and health for all of mankind.
It symbolizes the eco-friendly technologies applied by the company to promote health for everyone on Earth and the future-oriented mindset of NUGA BEST,
which pursues ceaseless innovations.

Corporate Color

ci_02 (1).gif

NUGA RED captures the warm-hearted nature of the company, which is endeavoring to break down the barriers across races and cultures, while NUGA BLUE represents the future-oriented corporate culture and the quality management system of NUGA BEST, which is driven to be the best.

The corporate colors are important elements in forming and presenting a consistent CI and image of NUGA BEST. The exact color must be used to ensure visual consistency, and careful attention must be paid to prevent errors in terms of brightness, saturation, etc.

Corporate Guideline

For the symbol mark, NUGA RED is used with priority.
However, if it is difficult to apply the color accurately, depending on the medium that gets used, the following color variations may be used instead

ci_03 (1).gif

Signature Type

The signature type has been created by visually adjusting balance and proportion, taking into consideration the formative unity and combination. It should never be altered arbitrarily, for any reason, and careful attention must be paid to ensure its accurate usage.

ci_04 (1).gif

Company Song

NUGA BEST’s song expresses the joy of leading a healthy life and practicing love and service. It also depicts the love and support shown by the NUGA
BEST customers as well as their confidence in our company.

Download Song

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