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We are NUGA BEST, a global company dedicated to creating a healthy world.

About Nuga



Nuga Best Philippines is a subsidiary of Nuga Medical Co., Ltd.  Nuga Medical Co., Ltd was established in 2002 in Korea with its philosophy of  "Contribution to human health with highest technology and best effort and service".

Nuga Best Philippines established its first branch in March 2005 in Greenhills, San Juan and has made a tremendous growth since its foundation. With its 8th years Head office in Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Nuga Best Philippines now has spread out to more than 40 branches in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Nuga Best Houses located nationwide offers a free massage for all to contribute significantly to Filipino’s health and further human happiness.

Establishment of Nuga Medical Co., Ltd.

Take off for a global company

Expand businesses with fruitful growths

Grow up as a global company

Great innovation toward 21st century

Realize a global first-class company around core capabilities

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Strengthen global capabilities

Small but strong and global company with continuous growths

Build up driving forces for growth with new businesses and new market developments

Seek for corporate values in line with a global company’s capabilities

The 10th Anniversary of foundation of Nuga Medical

Cultivating global competitiveness and strengthening the foundation for sustainable growth

Strengthening of Global Brand Value and Competence

Reinforcing Global Competitiveness by Changing the Marketing Paradigm

Undertaking a new challenge for change and innovation

Medical instrument No.1 NUGABEST

Lead the way forward with customer-centered management innovation

Reinforcement of the brand power of NUGA BEST based on R&D

Taking on new challenges for another giant leap.

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Sustainable growth through overcoming crisis

20th anniversary of Nuga Global

The birth of innovative medical devices

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