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We’ll contribute to promoting the health of mankind with superior technology and love.

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1.Personal heating device including Tourmanium 

2.Temperature control (45℃~70℃)

3.Useful for thermal therapy on the lower back

4.Tourmanium pocket structure (stimulating the palm and wrist)

5.Reinforced adhesion to the lower back by improving the resilience

6.Supplemented flexibility when wearing the elastic band

7.Built-in regulator type

8.Tourmanium + NDT

Ergonomically Designed Tourmanium Heating Thermal Therapy Belt

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Ergonomically Designed Tourmanium Heating Thermal Therapy Belt

T9 Thermal Therapy make circle tourmanium & special designed vertical toumanium surround waist and abdomen for prominenet effects. It is multi functional thermal therapy which protects internal organs and various parts of our body. Simply wrap around your waist anytime anywere.

Easy move and use due to the compact size

As T9 thermal therapy belt can be moved conveniently due to its simple structure of product, it can be conveniently use without limitation to any place.

Partial heating Massage

As the product is designed for the heating massage to the cold abdomen or waist, It is recommended to people who are feeling cold around the abdomen or carrying out the load to the waist, Recover your health with the heating to your abdomen and waist without limitation to any season.

Effectiveness of thermal therapy

Thermal therapy that makes the body healthier by elevating the body temperature.

Care the body through thermal therapies including hot sauna, moxibustion and warm bath.

Thermal therapy achieves healthy effect due to the “thermally activated protein” generated when the body is warmed.

Thermally activated protein is the protein produced by the cells upon stimulation by the increase in the core body temperature.

When thermally activated proteins increase, there is increased secretion of endorphin and immune cells in our body increases markedly.

NDT Technology

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NDT hex.png

Regulator that anyone can easily use!

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T9 membrane pcb.png




Power ON/OFF

Temperature setting button

Power cord

The structure of the Tourmanium pocket assists with the Tourmanium thermal stimulation by applying the Tourmanium structure to the wrist and palm of the hand along with the thermal stimulation of the abdomen and lower back when the product is worn.

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Tourmanium Pocket Unit

Option type extension band

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Range of ordinary wear: 26 ~ 46 inches

When extension band is used: Maximum of 54 inches

Product Application

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Lower Back

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T9 application 3.png

Shoulder / Chest

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T9 application 4.png
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T-9 Thermal Therapy Effects

1. Helps with blood circulation in abdomen and lower back, and prevention of slipped lumbar as well as

    pacification of lower back pain

2. Improves the internal organ functions by removing the coldness in the body.

3. Prevents adult diseases by lowering the cholesterol level.

4. Assists with the discharging of the toxic matters in the body.

5. Assists with the internal organ functions to prevent diseases.

6. Assists with the improvement of the reproductive functions and prevention of  diseases.

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