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We’ll contribute to promoting the health of mankind with superior technology and love.

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Portable  Thermal Mattress

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Nano Diamond Technology

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NM-80 NDT is made in high quality Tourmanium Nano Diamond Stone providing FIR & Negative Ion.

NM-80 NDT.png
NM-80 NDT.png

NM-80 NDT total of 210 Stones

Tourmanium Ceramics : 204

NDT : 6


Effectiveness of thermal therapy

Thermal therapy that makes the body healthier by elevating the body temperature.

Care the body through thermal therapies including hot sauna, moxibustion and warm bath.

Thermal therapy achieves healthy effect due to the “thermally activated protein” generated when the body is warmed.

Thermally activated protein is the protein produced by the cells upon stimulation by the increase in the core body temperature.

When thermally activated proteins increase, there is increased secretion of endorphin and immune cells in our body increases markedly.

Various Usage

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Beneficial effect of NM-80 NDT

 * Generates Far-Infrared Ray  (for better good blood circulation)

 * Provides Warm Heat and Negative-ION

 * Stimulate Moxibustion

 * Loosen nerve compression

 * Stimulate Vital Qi Points

 * Reduce Stresses 

 * Relieves Pain

 * Boost Immune system

~ A must have item for family protection ~

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