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We’ll contribute to promoting the health of mankind with superior technology and love.

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The PORTABLE ERGONOMIC TOURMANIUM PROJECTOR is a compact sized thermal medical instrument that releases Far Infrared Rays and Anions.

NM-200 ~ Its convenient size and curvature makes it very easy to use the Thermal Therapy and Far Infrared Ray functions. Ergonomically designed to be used locally around the body.

NM-200 ~ uses an underlying 2-hole light projector for heating the Tourmanium material. Through the control unit, the temperature can easily be set between 30 and 70 C. The design of the Tourmanium ceramic itself makes it ergonomic to use anywhere, but is particularly good for the treatment of the neck and neck area, hands and feet, or locally on organs to stimulate them.



* Compact design for easy use anytime anywhere.

* Easy to store and use even away from home.

* Ergonomically designed to use on any part of your body with bio-engineering designed.

* Thermal finger pressure and moxa treatment functions

    are available in one!!

Usage in any part of your body

Head, Eyes, All over the face

nm-200 usage 1.jpg
nm-200 usage 3.jpg
nm-200 usage 2.jpg

Neck, Shoulder, Throat

nm-200 usage 4.jpg
nm-200 usage 8.jpg
nm-200 usage 5.jpg

Area of Rib, Kidney, Stomach, Male and Female Sex Organ

nm-200 usage 6.jpg
nm-200 usage 9.jpg
nm-200 usage 7.jpg

Knees (Back and Front)

nm-200 usage 11.jpg
nm-200 usage 12.jpg

Hands and Feet

nm-200 usage 10.jpg
nm-200 usage 13.jpg

The Far-infrared heat is enjoy without interfering for place with its light weight

nm-200 usage 14.jpg

( lying on the bed or sitting on the sofa )

Can be used even at work

nm-200 usage 15.jpg
nm-200 usage 17.jpg
nm-200 usage 16.jpg
nm-200 usage 18.jpg

Beneficial effect of NM-200

 * Generates Far-Infrared Ray  (for better good blood circulation)

 * Provides Warm Heat and Negative-ION

 * Stimulate Moxibustion

 * Loosen nerve compression

 * Stimulate Vital Qi Points

 * Reduce Stresses 

 * Relieves Pain

 * Boost Immune system

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