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We’ll contribute to promoting the health of mankind with superior technology and love.

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J2 Neckarf environmentally friendly raw materials is used in thinking of human and nature.

This is in a compact size that you may use it anywhere.

NDT Technology


J2 Neckarf total of 27 Stones

Tourmanium Ceramics : 20

NDT : 7 

Compact Size

For home and travel use


Beneficial effects of J2 Neckarf

1) Increase mental alertness  and relieve stress

2) Wrap around neck for effective treatment to thyroid gland.

3) Improves hormones generation through 26 tourmanium around the neck.

4) Improves blood circulation to brain.

5) Emits FIR that are close to the natural heat of the human body, which can easily penetrate deep into the tissue.

6) Tourmanium emits FIR when in contact with the body heat resulting in healing of lymph nodes.

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