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We’ll contribute to promoting the health of mankind with superior technology and love.

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Bachimi Stone

Total 112  Stones

Tourmanium Ceramics : 102

NDT : 10 


Can be use in any part

of your body

HC-20 environmentally friendly raw materials is used in thinking of human and nature.

This is in a compact size that you may use it anywhere.

Compact Size

For home and travel use


T5 Thermal Therapy Effects

- Removes toxins

- Eliminates the inflammation and pain of various etiologies

- Improves circulation and blood formation

- It increases blood oxygen saturation

- Normalizes the respiratory system

- It strengthens the walls of blood vessels and destroys the cholesterol

- Strengthens the immune system

- Accelerates cell renewal process

- Helps accelerate the healing of wounds and restore the skin problems

- Removes swelling

- Slows down the aging process

- Burns fat under the skin

- Improves sleep and helps get rid of insomnia

- Improves the stability of the nervous system

- Warms in cold weather

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