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Portable  Thermal Mattress

T5 Total 224 Tourmanium ceramics

Tourmanium Ceramics : 184EA

NDT : 40EA (17.8%)


The letter "T" in the name of the model means "thermal". Portable Slim Mat (portable thin mat) does not take up much space, it is easy to fold, easy to carry, transport and store.

Thermal mat of tourmanium and nanodiamond ceramic is designed for local heating and point massage of various parts of the body. Suitable for the health of the whole family - both adults and children.

Extremely light!







Slim but Strong Durability by 7 Lamination Layers

Tourmanium ceramic+NDT & High frequency Fabric (3 layers)

Aluminum glass fiber (spreading the heat)


Charcoal Felt

Covering Fabric

Special Design of rotation

Prevention from disconnection (Patented)

Up, Down,

Left and Right

Improved design

Improved design (by removing connection part) makes intact to  the body & higher water resistance

All-in-one Controller

Power Display Light

Time Display Light

Temperature Display Light

Long enough power cable for using any location of bed                                

Enable slim design by installed cable guider

Built-in storage bag

Certificate (Patented)

Various Usage

Sitting position for knee joint

On the bed for lying down poisition

Lying position for elbow joint

A must have an item for every household 

Advantages of T5

- Light, thin, flexible, compact;

- Ideal for business trips and travel;

- The control panel is attached to the product;

- Carbon fiber heating element.

T5 Thermal Therapy Effects

- Removes toxins

- Eliminates the inflammation and pain of various etiologies

- Improves circulation and blood formation

- It increases blood oxygen saturation

- Normalizes the respiratory system

- It strengthens the walls of blood vessels and destroys the cholesterol

- Strengthens the immune system

- Accelerates cell renewal process

- Helps accelerate the healing of wounds and restore the skin problems

- Removes swelling

- Slows down the aging process

- Burns fat under the skin

- Improves sleep and helps get rid of insomnia

- Improves the stability of the nervous system

- Warms in cold weather

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