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   “Product to reduce abdominal fat faster

   and strengthen back muscle”


1. Tourmanium

2. Emmission of FIR and Negative Ion.

3. 4CH Low frequency generation.  

4. Waist Care and traction.  

5. Battery Compatibility

    (Auto OFF in 20 min/ 1 session.  Charge once and use for 35-40 sessions )

6. Convenient control of low frequency intencity.

7. Intensive Care of Obesity

Light Intensity







Waist Area Usage

Below navel

  1 Week

On navel

1 Week

Above navel

1 Week

Waist Size

Extension Band

Minimum waist size

Approximately 25 inches

Maximum waist size

Approximately 44 inches

With extension band

Approximately 56 inches

  Low frequency therapy 1

- Low frequency stimulation has various modes like pushing, hitting, messaging and scrubbing etc. It  relaxes the stiffed muscle and yields great relief to our body pain.

- Low frequency wave has high amount of

   electricity and strengthens our body.

- Muscle pump use. Max 1,000Mhz low frequency output.

  Low frequency therapy 2

- Stimulated the fat cell and converts vibration energy into heat energy.

- Important role in burning fat.

Fat burning by Low Frequency

Wavelength occurs by electrical simulation (+,-) to tap, rub, and massage an desired part of your body. Therefore muscle pain will be relived, and fat will be burned.


Before LF operation

In the middle of LF operation

After LF operation

   Clinical effects of low-frequency therapy

1. Promotes blood circulation. It activates metabolism, promotes blood circulation and hence gives good   

    effectiveness to the inflammatory diseases.


2. Adjusts the function of all glands. It promotes release of digestive liquids, controls the release of the

    Stomach acids, and controls the thyroid gland and pancreas hormone.


3. Good Absorption. It enhances the absorption power of the whole body and is effective in acidic materials   

    and dissolving blood clot.


4. Helps in structure activation Low frequency therapy activates the function of all internal organs.


5. Blood Work It gives good effectiveness to the blood pressure and enhances RBC,WBC,immunity power

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